Ciao guys! Welcome to The Fashionista Frugalista, my name is Oriana and this is my outlet for sharing the things I’m most passionate about – fashion (love a good look for less), armcandy (I’m addicted), good food, traveling to new places, my husband Frank and my dog Bacio.

One of my favorite things to do in my down time or to just relax my mind is to surf through Pinterest and Instagram or “research” as I like to call it. That is my way of staying up to date with current trends in the fashion world and then I make it my mission to find those items on a budget. And when I do, I love the thrill, my golden rule is never to spend over $50 for an individual item unless it’s a wardrobe staple, or something that I am in LOVE with. The key however, is to never compromise the quality otherwise it will just look “cheap”.

As the daughter of an Interior Designer and granddaughter to a haute couture seamstress, I think it’s safe to say that creativity and my love for good design is in my blood. For as far back as I can remember, even up until this day, I would always need my mother’s “seal of approval” on my outfit before leaving the house, many times we’d be in matching outfits or I’d simply be wearing her clothes. My parents were both born and raised in Sicily in an era where nothing compared in quality to a true “Made in Italy” piece and so my mother’s philosophy is always that she would rather spend more money on one item and know that it will last longer than buying something less expensive and lesser quality and having to replace it sooner. And I agree, until I had to start spending my own money to purchase my clothes and I wanted my clothes to look expensive but I didn’t want to spend a lot. That’s when my “passion for fashion” turned into the thrill of finding a good deal! Now my grandmother and I joke every time we are together to see if she can guess how much I spent on my clothes and I love it!

I’ve learned that being fashionable doesn’t mean having to spend a lot of money on designer labels, although I do enjoy splurging sometimes, especially on a good pair of shoes, bag or jewelry! Flashback to 2011 when my shopping obsession and frugal mindset collided and I started my collection of affordable one-of-a kind bracelets and accessories that accentuated color and reflected my style which can be found at www.orianalamarca.com. Prior to that I worked 9-5 at my family business and would shop EVERY night after work whether it was online, at the mall or just “window shopping”. I was in the market for some beaded bracelets and remember seeing the prices and thinking to myself, “I could make it myself for much less”. And from there it all started, I taught myself how to make the bracelets, started selling them to friends and family, started my etsy shop, eventually my own website and the rest is history! I always say “where there’s a will, there’s a way” and it’s proven to be so true!

There is nothing I enjoy more than styling a look and accessorizing with Oriana Lamarca armcandy ;) I have styled many photoshoots for my brand and always receive questions of where I “got that” and “how much was it” and without fail, my response would shock them every time. That’s when I decided it was time to start my blog and share all of my great finds! But at the heart of it all, I want to help women use style and fashion to feel more empowered because there’s nothing more empowering than feeling confident in a good outfit!

Dress like a Fashionista, Shop like a Frugalista!