Pre Honeymoon

So after our wedding, we hosted a farewell brunch at our hotel (Il Piccolo Giardino),which we absolutely love, and then set off for a 3 hour drive across the island for a "pre honeymoon/parental spervised honeymoon" lol We spent a week together with our parents, siblings, aunts and uncles as we visited the towns and families of all four of our parents. First stop was Ficuzza (Frank's Moms side) where they were kind enough to basically host another mini wedding so we could celebrate with his Aunt Carmela who is 92! After two days, we set off for Baucina (Franks dads side) where we spent the day visiting with family there. And later on continued on our journey another hour and a half for Castellammare del Golfo (where my mom was born and raised) where we would be spending the next 4 days. It was so exciting to be together with everyone, staying in my grandparents house (where they live in the summers and also the house my mother grew up in) and creating more of those special memories that I treasure. Our family couldn't do enough for us, from extravagant dinners, boat rides along the coast, visiting the thermal baths and just enjoying the beautiful beaches. On our last day in Sicily, we drove to Porto Empedocle, Agrigento which is the town where my father grew up and he had not been there in almost ten years! He was like a little kid reliving all the great memories he has and getting to show Frank. We visited with ruins of the ancient greek temples and the famous Scala dei Turchi (turkish steps). Basically nature has created these beautiful steps which scale the side of a white limestone mountain which the Turks used when they invaded Sicily back in the day. We even got to eat raw almonds right from the tree! delish!

Anyway, Im excited for Mykonos, Greece, but Sicily will always hold a special place in my heart!

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