Being fashionable doesn't just mean having expensive clothes!

So I've been thinking of starting a blog for a reaaaaaally long time, and I finally decided to do it! Over the years I have often been complimented on my style and received comments like... "where did you get that" only to be followed by a... "You got that where?!?...You paid how much?!?" And I would giggle to myself as I sit back and think that I've given the illusion of making a $10 top look like a $100 top. I have always loved shopping for clothes wether online or in store but one thing I learned from my grandmother is NEVER PAY FULL PRICE !! So maybe its in my blood, but I literally refuse to pay full retail price for pretty much anything. Whether it's on sale, or using a coupon there is always a way to save.

Growing up in an era where social media has created this craze around creating an image of living a luxurious lifestyle, we often get caught up in the superficial things. Being fashionable or trendy doesn't mean wearing a gucci or louis bag with monograms all over it, in fact its quite the opposite. I've realized that being stylish or trendy does not mean that you have to pay a lot of money on high end designer labels, just a little inspiration and guidance !! In this blog I'll be sharing my tips and ideas on how to shop, style and be fashionable on a frugal budget!! Enjoy :)