Fashionista Frugalista 101: Never pay full price!

The cardinal rule for a fashionista Frugalista is to NEVER pay full price...unless you're desperate of course. Where there is a will there is a way, they say! In retail there is always room for some discount whether there is a sale in progress or you have a coupon, so you might as well take advantage! It's happened plenty of times where I fall in love with let's say a pair of shoes or bag or something at the beginning of the season but just can't bring myself to pay top dollar for it. So I wait it out a little and sure enough they manage to go on sale! This is a great feeling and now since I love the shoe so much I don't even feel bad about buying it in 2 colors 🙈 this recently happened to me with a pair of Steve Madden Fringly suede sandals. Over the summer I fell in love with them! My friend bought them in 2 colors, fringe was trendy, colors were fun but I just couldn't bring myself to pay the $160 for them so I kinda forgot about them until I was shopping in Macy's recently and saw them on sale for $99 less a 20% off coupon I had, came to about $80, I already felt like I was getting a deal so I bought them. That is until I walked into Lord and Taylor minutes later and they were $63.95 less 15% with a coupon they came to about $49, so I just had to buy them in 2 colors!!! fringe is still a big trend for spring/summer 2016 so I def recommend investing in a pair! Moral of the story, just be patient and remember to always look for a coupon 👍🏻