Bachelorette Party in Atlantic City

Although I only live an hour from Atlantic City, I hadn't been there in almost 3 years! It was my friends Bachelorette Party so we went to dinner at Fornelletto in the Borgata and then went to Premier NightClub. I was very indecisive with what to wear tonight, when in doubt...a black body con dress will do the trick!

My thought process:

-"I have nothing to wear" - an LBD is the perfect problem solver

-"I am bloated" - black is the perfect color to slim you down

-"I want to be covered but sexy" - the front was totally covered over the knee but the back was open revealing a little skin but not too much!

-"Im obsessing with chokers right now" - my black suede wrap around choker was perfect for the front and then I tied the ends in the back so the teardrop pendants lay against my open back

-"It's going to be a long night and I don't want my feet to hurt" - you always need a go to pair of heels that are neutral and comfortable to last all night!

-"I need a little color in my life" - accessories with the perfect arm party!!

Outfit Details:

Dress - $40

Heels - $30

Choker - $60

Armparty -