Sending the grandparents off to Sicily!

Every summer my grandparents move back to their hometown of Castellammare Del Golfo, Sicily from June to September. So before they leave we have "the last super" together. Luckily this year we will get to spend two weeks with them in August. yay!!

So today I based my outfit around my choker necklace. Now I have several chokers as part of my jewelry collection and I have worn this black one in particular several times, but one way I am seeing trending every where right now is tying it in a bow! So I moved the charm around to the back so it wouldn't interfere with the bow, tied the choker and voila! Im obsessed!! I was in a black and white kind of mood but obviously needed to accessorize with some color so I wore a bright orange Armani bag I had bought in Taormina and a fun orange and turquoise arm party :)

Outfit Details:

Top: H&M $18.99

Pants: Marhsalls $14.99

Shoes: Burberry $99

Bag: Armani Collection $95

Armparty: $38 ea

Choker: $60

Sunglasses: $19.99