Castelmola and the famous "penis bar Turrisi"

Situated 1,700 ft above sea level, Castelmola has some of the most spectacular panoramic views of Taormina, Mt. Etna and the surrounding towns. Castelmola is know for the beautiful views but also for a famous bar called "Turrisi" that literally has a penis on anything possibly imaginable. From the handrails on the stairs, to the tile on the floor and all the statues in between, it was certainly interesting but there was a story behind all the madness. The goes is that starting in the 1950s, Salvatore Turrisi, opened this shop to sell anything he could, at the time resources were scarce and it took almost 6 months to get glass bottles to sell his homemade almond wine. "In 1975 Peppino married his wife Rosa and together they refurbished the bar as it stands today, particularly concentrating on enhancing the interior. They recognised that their era was particularly happy and prolific. Having had three sons within five years, there was one particular symbol that could represent it all: the penis, vulgarly referred to in Sicilian as: La Minchia. The idea of the penis has definitely had a big impact on the population, especially on the priest. However, in the following years the symbol was accepted by everyone and became a important part of the bar. In fact, it is present in different shapes, lengths and materials, in wood, ceramics, terracotta, worked iron, pasta and marzipan. The Minchia sets the tempo of the bar and the moods of all those within it. The penis is not a vulgar symbol and finds his roots in Greek culture, where the god Priapous represented fertility, freedom, fortune, life and beauty. Greek culture has influenced our own for centuries." I didn't get to try the almond wine but I did try the almond granita which was delicious!!

So to walk around Castelmola all day in the sweltering heat, I thought this romper I had picked up at Molly and Zoey on sale for $20 was perfect! It was light fabric, airy, trendy (off the shoulder) and I loved the print which lent itself to the perfect arm party! I paired it with a pair of lace up sandals from Aldo )which made my legs feel a little more covered since the romper was short) and a soft color pallet arm party.

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