Father's Day!

I may be the oldest, but I am still daddy's little girl. Although I may look more like my mother, I definitely have my fathers personality. I have been blessed to be surround by the most genuine, loving and influential men in my life starting with my father, father in law, uncles, husband, and brother. We spent the day by the pool cooking and laughing as usual. The dads cooked all the fish they caught from their morning fishing trip with a bottle of wine in one hand and a spatula in the other ;)

Yesterday I picked up a new black lace cover up with some fringe at Marshall's so I had to wear it! But I wanted to incorporate some bright colors into my accessories so I opted for yellow and turquoise. My bathing suit is from H & M last year but i just love the colors!

Outfit Details:

Coverup: Marshalls $19.99 ...here is a similar one from H&M for $29.99

Bathing Suit: H&M Top $8.99 + Bottom $5.99

Sunglasses: TheFashionistaFrugalista.com $19.99

Necklace: Orianalamarca.com $35

Armcandy: Orianalamarca.com $38 ea.