The perfect floral dress...

What do you wear to a backyard christening on a hot summer day? I had the perfect floral dress I purchased last year from one of my favorite websites for only $34.99!!!!

I love love love this maxi dress for some many reasons aside from the fact that I never really took a good picture wearing it lol. The length is to floor which balances the little sex appeal from the open back and print is so bright and colorful, it calls for a bright and colorful armparty which will put anyone in a good mood!

Thinking ahead...I knew the party was going to be on the grass, naturally I didn't want to ruin a pair of heels so I wore a pair of neutral color leather gladiator wedge I had purchased from Nine West a few years back. My armparty complimented all the bright colors like the neon orange jade, amethyst, magenta jade and lime green jade. Not only did I love my dress and arm party but the kids did too! so much so that they stripped me of all my arm candy lol. Luckily I love kids so it

Here are some pictures of me and my niece Camilla and her proud parents! xo

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