Airplane Attire

Ready for our annual trip to Sicily to spend time with our grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins!

The most important thing about a 9 hour flight is the be sure you're comfortable! I always love to travel in sweatpants or leggings but, they can't just be an old pair that you wear around the house! I had picked up a pair of grey jogger pants from Zara (on sale of course) that are comfortable yet they look trendy. My second requirement is a hoodie because I hate when my hair touches the back of the seat and a cute pair of sneakers so my feet don't get cold lol. Lastly, a bag that is light enough and big enough to fit all my "stuff" including my neck pillow and stylish at the same time, this year I found the perfect solution! Pair that with a loose fitting t shirt and layered with a jeans jacket, you have the perfect #airplaneoutfit!

Outfit Details:

Shoes: Aldo $39.99

Pants: Zara (in store) $19.99

Hoodie: Marshalls $12.99

Jeans Jacket: H&M $29.99

Bag: ShoeInn $140 (call in to order to avoid $40 shipping charges from!)


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