Sicily 2016

My favorite place in the world, my parents hometowns, my roots, my culture is in Sicily. Ever since Frank and I met 8 years ago, we have been back almost every year! Sicily is home, in particular Castellammare del Golfo which is the town my mother grew up in and Porto Empedocle which is the town my father grew up in. My grandparents live in Brooklyn, NY during the winter months and in Sicily during the summer months and I love to spend time with them. Until I am fortunate to have them around and in Sicily, I have made a promise to myself to spend time with them there. Although our wifi is limited and the cars are not fancy, there is something special about going back to basics...good fresh food, quality time with family and most importantly the Sicilian sun! Castellammare is located on the north eastern tip of the island situated between "mare e monte" (mountains and the sea) so they have the best of both worlds at their fingertips. I will be posting pictures every step of the way to keep you up to date on the amazing food we eat, amazing beaches we go to and of course my Sicilian inspired wardrobe :) Stay Tuned!!!