First Pizza of the Trip!

So when traveling to Italy and Sicily in particular, it's kind of a given fact that you will be on carb overload! pizza, pasta and bread ALL DAY LONG!! So naturally the first night here and we go for pizza. A brand new pizzeria that opened up, cousin of a cousin, some of the best pizza around as everyone was saying....and it was true! Mama Cocha pizza was delicious, number one rule when eating pizza is that the center CANNOT be soggy, and this one was NOT. Cooked to perfect, fresh ingredients, I had to eat the entire pie (little piggy).

So for tonight's look, I picked up this off the shoulder with pom pom trim top at Molley and Zoey before I left for $34! The pom pos remind me of a traditional sicilian style "caretto siciliano". Paired it with a cropped pant from Rachel Zoe and a flat sandal because with all the walking we were going to be doing, I wanted to be comfortable!. Since the off the shoulder tops reveal so much skin on top, its a great opportunity to wear a statements necklace, but in this case with all the color on the trim I wanted something subtle so I opted for a black choker to bring in the black from my sandals and black handbag!

Outfit Details:

Top: MolleyandZoey - $34 (also available online here)

Pants: Rachel Zoe - Macys

Shoes: Aldo $25

Bag: TwinSet Official

Choker and Armparty:

#offtheshould #offtheshoulder #pompom