Ristorante Nettuno da Siciliano

Whenever we are in Taormina, we try to relive the happiest moments from our wedding as much as possible. We visit the church where we got married, eat at the same restaurants and even stay in the same hotel, EVERY TIME! Taormina feels like home, we have made so many friends and we look forward to spending time with them every summer. Some of the people that had a huge impact on our journey was the Siciliano family. They had opened up the restaurant right before we arrived for our wedding in July 2014 and are now one of the top restaurants in Taormina, in fact it is our favorite restaurant in Taormina. Mimmo, was gracious enough to send up a bottle of champagne with fresh "fragolini" (small strawberries) to our room before dinner, such a great welcome! Our favorite dish is the fresh "maccaruna" alla norma with fried eggplant and shaved ricotta salata on top! Of course everything else from the pistachio encrusted tuna, seafood salad, octopus to the lamb chops and everything else in between, is just delicious! If ever in Taormina, Ristorante Nettuno da Siciliano is definitely a must and ask for Mimmo!

Tonight I wore a new skirt I picked up while shopping at Garry Store the other day that was on sale for $29.99 from $89.99! I was so unique I just had to have it and I just happened to have to perfect crop top to pair with it that I had picked up at Zara before my trip for $9.99! Shoes are from Aldo, also purchased on sale for $40.00!