When all else fails...LBD to the rescue💪🏻

It never ceases to amaze me that just after taking half an hour to clean my closet it can be back to disaster mode in less than 2 minutes!! As usual I thought I had an outfit picked out in my head but once I tried it on I hated it. At this point, it's time to leave, I already have my armparty picked out and I want to wear my new pumps...there's no turning back now💪🏻 So what do you do when hubby is yelling that it's time to go and your standing in front of the mirror with nothing on but heels and an armparty?!? Just put on an LBD and spice it up with a beautiful choker and awesome armparty 😉Perfect for dinner in the city at one the best in NYC and our favorite,Marcony ❣

Outfit Details:

dress| www.namedwardrobe.com

choker & bracelets |www.orianalamarca.com

bag & shoes| www.aldoesshoes.com

jacket | Zara $29.99 ( on sale)