How to transform your shoes with a click!

That moment when you try on the outfit you had planned and realized you hate it, but your rushing to leave...when all else fails, you can't go wrong with all black👌🏻 But what about when you want something different and more interesting than just all plain black? A little pop of color with a clip on fox fur Pom Pom 👌🏻 A little sneak peek at my holiday collection coming soon to! Add the same Marsala 🍷color on to your #armparty and lips💋and you have a whole new look!

So simple and now it's like doubling up on every pair of shoes you own...ahhhhmazing!

Outfit Details:

Black Leather Pencil Skirt: zara(on sale$19.99)

Off the Shoulder Top:zara (on sale $9.99)


Choker: $38

Arm party:

Bag: Chanel