Sometimes you have to splurge $$$

Being frugal is a beautiful thing but some times opportunities present themselves that you cannot pass up, and you have to splurge a little. Such was the case with the stunning Lavanya Coodly dress. I first fell in love with this dress back in October when I was in LA for a pop up shop where I got to meet the talented Lavanya herself. The dress fit like a glove, the hand sewn flowers were absolutely gorgeous and it reminded me of some thing Dolce & Gabbana-esuqe, it had my name all over it. But it was a bit out of my price range and very NOT frugal of me so I figured I'd just forget about it. Until a couple months go by, I have nothing to wear to a black tie wedding and I really start regretting not buying the dress. Long story short, I had to have this amazing dress and sure enough I wore it to the wedding and was stopped numerous times to ask about the dress. From the runway and into my arms, this dress is definitely a great investment :) For more pieces from her collection visit

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