Ticket to Portofino

Yellow is such a happy color full of heat and vitality, it instantly warms up you up, yet yellow is not a color that is often worn. How many times have you thought to yourself ‘I don’t look good in yellow?’ I know I have plenty of times! Until now, until BeautyXBracelets has forced me to realize that yellow is the perfect way to top off any outfit just like a slice of lemon on your refreshing summer drink! Yellow is a powerful color that takes courage to wear and portrays empowerment. Our mission at BeautyXBracelets is to convince you to be brave and embrace yellow into your wardrobe and you will see how it can instantly change your life. There are so many shades of yellow in its sunny range you will surely find a tone that will work for you!

We all have a perfect platonic yellow. I happen to love this months color, Primrose yellow. It is acidic, saturated, and bright, kinda like a super ripe Meyer lemon. What's yours? A yolk? A neon brightness? Or a pale, buttery shade? Either way, when contemplating wearing yellow, there is an essential, basic rule of attraction: The fairer your complexion and hair, the more red in your yellow. More saturated. No pastels for you! Or, in edible metaphors: more yolk (with a side of mustard), less butter. (www.happier.com)

Here are a few ways to wear yellow:

**For more details visit www.thefashionistafrugaista.com

As a Top: A solid yellow can be easily worn as a top to balance out a fun print. If this is to bold for you, you can minimize the effect of the yellow by combining with a blazer in a more neutral color. This will still give you the hip vibrance of yellow without the yellow overpowering you too much.

Top: Zara $49.99

Pants: Zara $49.90

Shoes: Aldo $90

Bag: SaveMyBag – Portofino in Bonitas - Purchased from ShoeInn $145

Tassel Earings: orianalamarca.com $48

Bracelets: Springtime Armparty orianalamarca.com $176