Bringing Stan Smith Sexy Back!

In fashion there are so many things that are quick fads but truth be told, the trends always come back around. Stan Smith's for one, neck scarves for two and denim jackets! This shoe was originally designed as a tennis sneaker in 1963 and name after the legendary tennis player Stan Smith. But surprisingly the shoe kind of faded off and Adidas pulled it off the shelves in 2012. So what has every celebrity and trend setters wearing Stan Smiths? When the shoe was re introduced in 2014, with an aggressive social media campaign, Adidas sent A lister shoes with their portrait on the tongue instead of the usually drawing of Smith and from there the shoe's popularity just exploded. From supermodels on the cover of Vogue to the red carpet and Alexander Wang runway show, the Stan Smith shoe took off on the rise of the Sneaker Culture. I decided to add the shoe to my collection a few months back because I needed a sporty yet chic comfortable shoe that I could wear with a more sporty look or a more trendy casual look. And at $40 you can't go wrong! I highly recommend investing in a pair today, you'll thank me later ;)

As far as the neck scarf, I mean everyone has a traditional paisley print bandana laying around somewhere, so why not put it to use! Im loving that neck scarves are trending again because not only is it a bold statement piece but it also keeps my neck and chest warm on a a day where I don't want to button up my jacket. And speaking of my denim jacket, click here to see how I DIY'd this denim jacket I picked up at Marshall's!

Outfit Details:

-Black Pants:


-Addidas Stan Smith: $35

-Hip length Denim Jacket:

Marshalls - $19.99 (find similar here)

-Patches - AC Moore $5.99(for pack of 2

Click here for my DIY denim Patch Jacket

-Blue Neck Scarf: $5.99

-Quay Lickity Split Sunglasses:

$55 ($29 on sale)

-Horizon Armparty: $208