How to trick yourself into feeling likes its 60 and sunny...

Sometimes the cold dreary days in the middle of winter can get a little gray and depressing. Its usually cloudy, freezing and Mother Nature can just look dead around you. I do enjoy the cold weather, skiing, and enjoying a glass of wine by the fire but only for about a month. More than that, I am ready to hitch a flight to a deserted island until the temps warm up again. But adding some brighter colors into your wardrobe will trick your mind into thinking its 60 and sunny totally transform your outlook on those dreary winter days! I love a good "Hermes" shade of orange paired with grey and a good ol' leopard print will pair easily.

Outfit Details:

Bomber Jacket: $14.95 on sale (similar to the one I'm wearing)

Jeans: H& $39.99

Bodysuit: $17.99

Sneakers: $39.99 on sale

Uptown Tote: $82.50 on sale

Fur Strap: $42 on sale

Quay Lickety Split Sunglasses: Sorellabella Boutique $39

Industrial Armparty: $182

Mother of Pearl Necklace: $75