DIY Denim Patch Jacket

So you may have seen that patches are trending on everything from jackets to jeans to shoes these days but I kept finding that if I liked the jacket I didn't like the patches or if I liked the patches I didn't like the jacket. So one day I was shopping at Marshalls and picked up this denim jacket which I already own 3, but I wanted to make this one different. So I figured I could easily customize it by adding some patches which I already had picked up at AC Moore and was waiting for the perfect piece to put them on. And thats how my DIY denim patchwork jacket was born!

It was super easy and super inexpensive, heres what you'll need:

-Denim Jacket - I picked up at Marshalls for $19.99)

-Adhesive patches - I picked these up at AC Moore on sale for $3.99 for a pack of 3

Simply Lay your jacket flat on the floor, places the patches where you want them and stick them on! I've even added some pins to my jacket recently and the beauty is you can keep adding on! Your jacket will tell your own personal story!