Daily Dose of Vitamins 🍋

It’s true our bodies need a slew of vitamins to perform at our peak like vitamins a,b,d and most importantly vitamin c or “sea”. I kind of like to have a theme going on when picking my clothes or accessories and today’s theme was very citrus apparently. An orange bag, fresh squeezed orange juice, lemon bathing suit and cover up and obviously my armparty continued with the theme. I love how this high waisted bikini fit and did I mention I found sunnies with lemons?!😳 below are links to all the items

Bag: SaveMyBag.com $145

Coverup: TheFashionistaFrugalista.com $24

Sunnies: Target (in store)

Armparty: orianalamarca.com

Bathing Suit: HotMiamiStyles.com $55