Neon Trend Alert

Neon is the new trend and not without reason. From flashy colors to glowing fluorescents, people just can’t seem to get enough of neon clothing. The new fluorescent trend has proven more to be than just an Instagram fad after the runway was hit with neon colors. And if you’ve seen most of the looks there, you will know exactly why! Designers have worked their magic on the illuminating colors by paring them up with practically anything. Ranging from simple colors to even monochrome, neon adds glam to everything. With spring 2019 going in full bloom, neon colors are the clothing of choice for most people. After all, the bright hues pair well with literally everything and anything and are here to stay! Might as well hop on that train. From bright reds to highlighting greens, hues are the newest fashion trend and they are here to stay. The perfect addition to your wardrobe this year, you simply cannot go wrong with neon. Enough said about their come back, let’s talk more about why they enjoy such popularity. Fashion legends and designers agree that adding neon colors is an instant upgrade to any piece of fabric. The vivid color beckons the attention of anyone in close proximity to their fluorescents. Which in reality is what the fashion industry is all about. Making sure all eyes are on you and they stay there! Apart from being just bright, they add color, not into your outfit but also your life. Even the oldest looks have been known to be revived by pairing them up with neon colors. Summer is Brighter Than Ever with Neon Colors! This spring, pairing your outfits with neon will be the best decision you ever make. Not only do they stand out, but they give the wearer the luxury of choice. Neon colors pair well with summer neutrals and even nude shades. Hence providing a subtle yet glamorous look. However, keep that in mind, neon colors are nothing if not versatile. Meaning you can not only pair them up with any piece of fabric but you can accessorise with them as well. Most of the accessories available either have these vivid colors enriched in them or a slight hue of each. Then making them the ideal fashion companion. Simply put on a pair of bright yellow shoes or a bag of punchy purple color, your outfit will get an instant upgrade! Whether we talk about summer dresses or overalls, pairing neon colors is as easy as can be. These colors not only reflect a bright refreshing look but they also demand zero color coordination. Meaning neon colors are the ultimate loophole in the fashion industry. As their bright beckoning hues pair perfectly well with dull and light colors alike. Hence mixing and matching is a luxury made a reality if you own neon colors. Speaking of glamorous twists, neon colors are famous all over, from lip tint to nail polishes, they are all over. Giving you all the more reason to add them to your collection of daily wear! 

One Piece Swim: $66 Polka Dot Coverup: $62 Neon Mini Bag:  $28 Purple Petunia Armparty:  $178