A Sea of Green...

As you can tell, I love colors, in particular bold colors and I love to make a statement. Colorblocking is a trend we've seen throughout the pst couple of years and is particularly one of my favorites. I love a fun print but to me a solid color is easier to work into your wardrobe. Here I am colorblocking with a #greenery skirt and teal top. So same color family just light vs dark. 

step outside the box, try full on color from head to toe! Green is a great color with darker features but it is not for everyone and that is ok too. Not everyone looks good in green—and that's OK, too. Start small with your accessories like armcandy, a fun earring, shoes, a bag, or a belt. To build a colorful wardrobe, you have to start somewhere, and starting with your armcandy collection is the perfect way to accessorize any outfit with color, without taking a huge step into a bold color or printed piece of clothing.

I love how the colors play together but most importantly I LOE LOVE LOVE my armparty! By selecting shades of green in the same family you create an ombré that can't go wrong 👌🏻

Outfit Details:

Top: BCBG 

Skirt:  BCBG

Shoes: Fashion nova.com $32.99

Bag: H&M $9.99

Arm party: orianalamarca.com