Beauty X Bracekets March: Greenery

Aaaaaand the 2017 Color of the Year is…Greenery!Pantone unveiled the zesty yellowy-green shade in the hopes to refresh, reinvent, and reinvigorate the mind, body and spirit…and your wardrobe of course. Greenery is the color of nature, and naturally the color of a shamrock…feelin’ the luck o’ the irish yet? Surrounding yourself with greenery will bring you a sense of serenity and tranquility whether in your home or on your body.

Reflecting the ongoing and highly popular "go-green" movement (think healthy eating and environmental responsibility), Pantone's Greenery is more than just a kale lookalike. But how does one actually wear without looking like a big leaf that's recently escaped from the wilderness? Follow as I show you 6 different chic and easy ways to wear greenery👌🏻

Outfit Details:

Dress: BCBG outlet (sale$49.99)

Gold Choker: $14.99